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Amity Langoustine Available

Amity Langoustine can now be bought direct from the following suppliers


amityStoryMFV Amity II is a 21 meter vessel with a 500 kw Caterpiller engine, with 2 Cummins engines for generators.

Amity II is always well maintained and painted to the highest standards for efficient fuel consumption and impact on the environment. We use the latest navigation and tracking equipment to log and assure provenance details of Amity langoustine, this traceability will remain with the catch throughout the supply chain. We make flake and liquid ice at sea to rapidly cool the catch thus ensuring that the optimum premium quality expected from Scottish Amity langoustine and seafood is guaranteed.

The Amity crew are experienced and have been trained to use good fishing practices. Our commitment to these standards are expected from a responsible fishing scheme member. We fish the North Sea on 6-day trips working out of Peterhead under a very strict days at sea regime and also very strict quotas for our catch. We use a method of fishing called twin trawl where we tow two nets side by side at the same time which is the most environmentally friendly method according to recent scientific studies.

We try to fish a full year fishery but this is dependant on the quotas. As the Chairman of the Scottish Fishermen's Organisation, a producer organisation that manages quotas and the Chairman of the North East of Scotland Nephrops Committe for the Scottish White Fish Producers Association. I am involved with their efforts to sustain the future of the Scottish fishing industry and our local communities.

I have plans to modernise the Amity II this year and the Nephrops fisheries are working towards Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) accreditation, please follow this progress on my blog.