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Amity is now in port laid up for the remainder of the year

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Amity is now in port laid up for the remainder of the year. She is due to go into the Peterhead ship lift for a annual inspection where underwater maintenance will be carried out.

Washing and painting Amity's hull will help save fuel, this is due to a build up of marine growth over the warmer summer months.

It will be a good opportunity to inspect the hull under water and replace the sacrificial annoieds

It is important that the annoied is wasting away as it shows that it is working well. After a few days of TLC, we will have Amity looking her best for the start of another winter in the cold North Sea.

I was speaking with Skipper Andrew Buchan who is building a new vessel in Macduff shipyards which is due to be handed over to him before Christmas. He is looking forward to taking over his new command. We were talking about how a skipper's workload has changed over the years.

When I started out as a skipper in the mid 80s, my thoughts were 100% trained on catching fish. Nowadays I have to juggle catching fish with available quota, days at sea, amongst many other day-to-day duties of running a trawler. Vessels in the past carried more crew so chores were spread more amongst the crew, with vessels working with less crew it means the same chores and more are to be challenged with fewer men. I wish Andrew & Philip Buchan well and safe fishing in their new vessel Favonious.