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I have had a letter from the BBC

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I have had a letter from the BBC saying that there is no date yet for the new series of Trawlermen. As the Olympics are about to start soon that will keep the television schedule busy for a month or so. I will blog the date as soon as I know.

On Saturday, I was in the village of Gardenstown (Gamrie) as it was there harbour gala day and what a fantastic sense of community spirit from the very young right through to the senior citizens.

The harbour is the heart of the village where all the young boys start to learn the the basics of fishing with the creel boats before the progress to the larger fishing vessels in Fraserburgh.

All the new entrants to the fishing industry from the village are given all the encouragement from the locals as they see investing in the young lads is the future. It is one of the few villages left where the bulk of the yawls in the harbour are commercial craft rather the vessels of the leisure industry. Well worth a visit if you are passing and what a sun trap, as the village is located in a bay surrounded with high cliffs.

Back at sea and it is warm, but we work hard to keep our catch in the best possible condition. The catch has to be processed and packed into the fish-room as quickly as possible because as soon as the catch is landed on the deck it starts to spoil so speed is very important.

That means there are no tea-breaks etc when we start to grade the catch. We work until the catch is all packed away in ice - sometimes that can be 5 or 6 hours. Then we may have time for a meal and the next haul is due up again and the same process starts all over again. It of course is not always like that, but when works starts it does not stop until the catch is processed.

When trawling timing is vital. It is important that the trawls are fishing at the dawn and dusk. It appears that fish and prawns come onto the seabed in abundance at these times. It must be like rush hour in a large city. Fish and prawns going in every direction you could imagine. Some diving down burrows to hide, others popping out to see what is going on.

Sometimes it will be an all dark fishery and other times it will be a daylight, so as a skipper, I have to give an area 24 hours to get the feel of the pattern. Of course just as I may think I have it worked out it could all change.