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On Sunday we had an incident at sea

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On Sunday we had an incident at sea. Whilst hauling our nets, the propeller gearbox did not disengage resulting in the codend being sucked into the propeller. I had to put out a call for assistance. It was answered by the Peterhead registered Daisy who had to tow us 125 miles back to port. Luckily, there was no damage to Amity and the codend was repairable.

The weather was good and the fishing is steady. Once again my crew lose out on lost fishing. The weather for this week ahead looks very unsettled as a summer storm passes through. With the high price of fuel and bad weather resulting in slacker catches. will it be worth going to sea?

I now go to sea as a fisherman not to catch and land fish, but to catch and throw fish back into the sea. I can no longer land hake, which I would think I caught 500kg of over the trip. It is the same story with megrims and very similair with cod and whitings.

Some day someone will see that quotas just do work. They only control what is landed, not caught. How frustrating it is when we are finding it hard to pay our crews, yet we have to throw a percentage of our catch back because of the lack of quotas resulting in me having to stay at sea longer using up valuable sea time and fuel.

It is not just me! All my colleagues are the same. Tons and tons of fish are being wasted every day because the quota does not match the stock in the sea. I hear some of my fellow fishermen catching megrims where they never seen them before.

This is now happening right around the coast in all our communities where the quotas have been cut that they are out of line with stocks on the grounds. It might be better if the people that set quotas take a trip at sea, live with us and see the first hand what is really going on out