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Today we are trawling again in poor weather

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Today we are trawling again in poor weather. It is 30 knots and more, there is no comfort on-board while we wait for the first trawl to come back on-board. We shoot our gear just before day break. I take the watch for 4-5 hours and the crew make for their bunks and get wedged in.

Breakfast has been cancelled in the hope that the weather improves before we haul the gear back on-board. One hour before we haul I will call the cook to make breakfast - what will it be today? I think a sunshine breakfast (cornflakes) as they need no cooking. There is a high risk of getting scalded today with boiling water from the kettle so again great care must be taken when pouring water and passing jugs of tea about to other crew members.

My intension is to try and work today as the outlook for the remainder of the week is for a very strong northerly blast from the Arctic. We have not had one fine day this trip and this is when you realise the true cost of fish, but sadly land lubbers do not appreciate the committment we fishermen put into putting fish on your plates.

I call my wife to let her know we are fine. She says it is a nice day at home - she means nice day for drying the washing! See what I mean about land lubbers!!!