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We have been back at sea for three days now

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We have been back at sea for three days now searching all over for Nephrops. The weather is not being very kind so we are working around what mother nature is throwing at us. Today is much better for weather and fishing, I hope we can get a few days fishing before the next set of gales set upon us.

It has just been reported that fishing is 125 times more dangerous than any other profession - that is a scary statistic. I never see the job as dangerous - it is my work and we deal with it in a professional manner. If you see danger then you do all you can to make the situation safe as do the crew - we all look after one another.

I do believe we learn from other peoples mistake's and even from my own mistakes. We never stop learning but we must also show that we in this industry take safety seriously. We must get that message across. Like all industries worldwide, accidents will happen.

As we near the last month of the year I reflect on what has happened this year. Like so many years before in my career you can never tell what is going to unfold. When I was paying for fuel that was the most expensive that I had ever experienced I never thought that within four months crude oil price would be at a three year low!

I think that our skills as fishermen should not be allowed to cease. Our young blood will be the future generations that will put fish on the tables in years to come. The UK is an island with some of the most skillful and fearless fishermen in the world. We need to see more young people coming through looking for a career in the industry.

Our industry is being supported by the fact that we are using foreign crews, for which I am truly grateful, but we need to look further than the next few years - we need to look at who will be the next generation of young skippers and if we do not address that problem soon, then it will be an industry that will slowly fade out just like so many other great fishing ports all around our coastline.

Having said all that, fishing is not for the faint hearted. You need to be tough, hard working, energetic and be able to live, eat, work and sleep in very close proximity to your fellow crew mates. Be warned!