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We have been dodging bad weather since Saturday evening

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We have been dodging bad weather since Saturday evening. What that means is we take our fishing gear onboard and stow securely, then head Amity into the wind and waves at little more than 2 knots until the storm passes through. Winds were gusting in excess of 50 knots with a heavy swell bearing down on top of us.

There was no comfort at all as we were waiting for the storm to abate. We also have to be very careful onboard whilst we make tea and eat hot foods as we could be hit at any time with a large wave causing everything on the table to be spilled and if you are not careful could be burned with scalding water etc.

Even now on Monday we are still feeling the after effects of the storm as the sea swell is still quite lumpy and uncomfortable. And this is supposed to be summer! No one likes dodging as there is little you can do but hang on as the vessels pitches back and fore rolling from rail to rail.We have now lost two days fishing.

Monday morning we came fast on the seabed and nearly lost a net on a new obstruction. Our net was stuck on an obstacle and it was looking like we were going to break away from the net as the sea swell was so severe. As the net became free and we hauled it onboard, we could clearly see that the net was extremely badly torn. Many hours of net mending and repairs should see the net back together and ready to fish - again another hazard of the job.

Later in the day, we snagged another obstacle on the seabed and trash a second net. This one is worse than the net they are currently mending. I am not popular onboard today.

Tuesday and we finally get the first net repaired and ready for fishing. All this net repair has to be done whilst we still carry out our normal duties of shooting and hauling and working the catch up, so again very little sleep been had in the last 36 hours.

This must be one of the last few occupations where you do not work to a routine or a clock - tt just would not work like a shore-based work of place.

Weather is now on our favour so we must try and get some good fishing before we go back to port.