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Amity Specification 2012

Amity was built in Denmark 1989

She was purchased by her present owners in in 1999

In July 2012 Amity was recommissioned after a 7 month - 750,000 GBP re-build project bring Amity up to a high standard for crew safety and comfort, also making the vessel a more envoiromently efficient vessel with the installation of Tier 11 IMO aproved emission freindly engines at the same time fitting the most cost effective lighting and electric motors to make the vessel as economical as possible in order that the vessel can reduce its
carbon footprint.

Although the owners have fitted the vessel out primarily for fishing, they were very aware that this vessel can easily adapt to work as a commercial work boat and have had Amity certified to Work Boat Code over and above the standard load line and MCA certificates.
Amity has also had a new Stability book for both normal fishing and a Work Boat stability book.

Particulars of Ship

  • Overall Length 21.33
  • Registered Length 18.51
  • Breadth 6.52
  • Depth 2.39
  • Gross Tonnage 132.00
  • Net Tonnage 46.15


  • 4 x 4500 litre DO tanks + 1000 litre day tank
  • 1 1000 litre Hydraulic tank
  • 8 tons fresh water


  • 2 cabins x 4 bunks + 1 skippers cabin
  • Galley has been extensively refurbished with new white electric goods including washer
    dryer. Galley/mess deck has access to WIFI from ships Satelite link.
  • Toilet and shower all to high specification

Engine room

  • 1 Caterpillar C18 ACERT (357 kw) 479bhp @ 1800rpm driving a Rentjes 7.4:1 reduction 
    gearbox through a BT Marine 1900mm propellor in a BT Marine Nozzle.
  • 1 Mitsibushi 120 bhp driving ships 3 phase generator 440 volt at 50htz at 1500rpm
  • 1 Daewoo 220 bhp driving ships hrydraulics and back up generator at 2000rpm.


Ram steering in aft storage room


  • 1 Forward deck crane certified to 500kg suitable for loading- unloading deck cargo
  • 1Aft deck crane certified to 1 ton with extending arm suitable for loading deck cargo.
  • 1 3 barrel winch with wire capacity 500 fathoms of 22mm wire pulling 20 tons core pull
  • 2 x 2 10 ton split net drums


Large capacity fishroom fully insulated to a high HACAP standard with refigeration and a 1 ton Geneglaze ice machine.


  • 2 x JRC radars 1 with ARPA
  • 1 Simrad sonder
  • 1 Wassp multi beam sonar system
  • 1 olex with dual screen viewing and AIS indentification
  • 1 Trax linked to radar ARPA
  • I Fish safe
  • 1 Matrix system ease of viewing computer monitors
  • 1 HF_MF Thrane and Thrane wireless with GMDSS
  • 1Sailor VHF with GMDSS
  • 2 Sailor VHF's
  • 1 Jotron AIS RX-TX
  • 1Navtex GMDSS reciver
  • 1 Telex Immersat system
  • I satelite Vsat on line connection with local call number phone line connection
  • 2 x 2 bilge alarms
  • 1 Navitron auto pilot
  • 1 Jotron 5 station intercom
  • Full CCTV coverage of key areas of veseel work deck areas
  • 1 Bow Thruster
  • Vessel has top cruising speed of 10 knots at full power 10 tons bollard pull

This vessel very economical with exccellent wheelhouse vision and comfort.
Vessel has good deck work areas that can easily be used for deck storeage-cargo
Fishroom has large capacity with refrigeration


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