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frontClawThis is a NEW and exciting time for development in my business. Traditionally the Amity langoustine and fish were landed in Peterhead for sale on the open market.

My catch and the price given were entirely dependant on the factors on the quayside on that day. I have always had a few customers who contacted me directly for orders so that I could pass on the 'chain of custody' for my Responsible Fishing Scheme certified 'Amity Langoustine' from first point of sale but not enough to guarantee the sale of all aboard my boat.

Times they are a changing. Due to increasing public awareness of fishing issues and the need for seafood provenance, the demand for my 'Amity' product has increased. I now realise that I should optimise this for my business, my crew and my customers, hence my investment in Amity II's modernisation to maximise its sustainability factors and improve crew accommodation.

We want to supply the best quality sustainable product and secure the best possible price. The only way to do this is to brand it 'Amity Langoustine' and tell my story.